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Ouch, what a quarter!

Are you feeling stung by the markets? Well, it turns out that - while the past quarter certainly tested the resolve and the stomach of equity investors - it certainly was not the worst quarter that we have seen, not even in recent memory since the beginning of this century. And we sincerely hope that your adviser had prepared you for such market volatility when she structured your investment portfolio in the first place.

Please enjoy reading our most recent quarterly review of Q4 2018 by clicking HERE.

As mentioned in all previous blog posts on this website: this is a quarterly portfolio review only without giving the impression that this is a market outlook. We take a much humbler past quarter review approach and leave it to the market talking heads to do the tea-leaves reading. In addition, the reader will notice on page 5 and page 6 of the document above that headlines are added into the market performance chart. These headlines are not offered to explain market returns at all. To the contrary, they serve as a reminder that investors should view daily events from a long-term perspective and avoid making investment decisions based solely on the news. Enjoy the read!

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