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Marc Ikels is the only advisor in Singapore who builds portfolios entirely with index funds. He won't put an actively managed fund in a client's account. Using index funds instead, puts the science behind investing.

Andrew Hallam, Author of The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing (Wiley 2015) and Millionaire Teacher (Wiley 2011)

Eamon, 58, married, two children

Marc has been a trusted advisor for some time now. Specifically what differentiates him is the breadth and depth of research he provides and his willingness to track down new portfolio diversification investments. Marc can ben relied upon to present things as they are which is a huge advantage in todays complex and volatile markets while still doing that little bit of extra lateral thinking and not succumbing to 'flavour of the month selling'. His technical competence is impressive and value adding is a result of his deep experience and extensive education. Probably his greatest strength is his personable engagement style and professional effectiveness in both the detail and the bigger picture. As a result, I can unreservedly recommend Marc to anyone in need to sophisticated and balanced financial advice.

Markus, 48

I have known Marc for the last couple of years as a financial advisor and he has an incredible level of service, which he consistently delivers. In a most recent experience he provided a unique solution that went beyond my expectations. He has the skills to explain everything in a clear and transparent way, which can be well understood by non finance people. He explains openly how his compensation works and one can see that he is independent in what products and solutions he offers. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for his continuously pro active nature and I would recommend him to anyone who needs financial consulting. I have been in touch with several other consultants over a period of time, but when it comes of quality and honesty he stands out.

I have known Marc for several years now and I am an extremely satisfied client of his for more than four years. In my opinion, he is the ultimate professional in his line of work. He ensures that his clients receive the highest quality advice. In addition, the key feature which sets him apart is that he openly explains how he gets compensated while giving advice to me. In this respect, his avoiding any conflict of interest in his capacity as a consultant sets him far apart from his competition. I would recommend him to anyone in need of solid financial advice.

Keith, 49, married, three children


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