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What a brutal quarter - Q1 2020 market review

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

What a ride we have been through in Q1 2020! And, even though markets have recovered in the first 2 weeks of April 2020, immediately after the very bloody first quarter of 2020, there will still be investors out there who are licking their wounds after a truly terrifying quarter.

In retrospect, the actual magnitude of the fall in equities in Q1 2020 was not really that much out of the ordinary, but the speed of the decline was absolutely stunning, leaving many overleveraged shell- shocked investors in its wake. Readers of our blog can rest assured that the Nobel Prize-winning underlying work of our clients' portfolios and the fact that we never take on margin during investing have mitigated portfolio losses to the highest degree possible in Q1 2020.

Please enjoy reading our market review for Q1 2020 by clicking here or by clicking the picture below. This is a password-protected file, please drop us an email at or at, we will then share the password to open the market review file.

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