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What a fantastic quarter – Q2 2020 market review

What a fantastic meteoric upward trajectory in equity markets lies behind us in Q2 2020! You, as a reader of this blog, certainly are a long-term investor and are certainly not tempted to project such meteoric market behaviour on future quarters. Nevertheless, it feels good to look at the numbers generated by this past benign quarter.

In retrospect, the speed of the recovery in equity markets in Q2 2020 was absolutely stunning, equally stunning as the speed of the market melt-down in the immediately preceding Q1 2020 a mere three months ago. Readers of our blog can rest assured that the Nobel Prize-winning underlying work of our clients' portfolios and our investment approach does not get swayed by feelings of depression in Q1 2020, nor by feelings of unbeatable exuberance in Q2 2020 either.

Please enjoy reading our market review for Q2 2020 by clicking here or by clicking the picture below.



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